The Ao Naga Grammar


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Mittal Publications, by Mary M. Clark, 181 pg. HC The present volume is one of the most authentic and oldest books of Grammar of the lesser known languages of North-eastern India. By a tradition, The Naga tribe known as the Ao have from very early times had two dialects, the Zungi and Mungsen. However, Zungi has evidently been the dominant element in the Ao tribe and this dialect become more prevalent than the Mungsen. Besides providing a detailed study of dialects, alphabet, articles, nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, conjuctions, interjections, syntax, numerals, division of time and measurements, over forty pages are devoted to illustrative phrases. About hundred pages are devoted to English Ao vocabulary. This is a useful volume for scholars and students of tribal languages of India. HC. NUOVO

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