Rajasthani Paintings


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Titolo completo:Rajasthani Paintings in the Jagadish and Kamla Mittal Museum of Indian Art. Autori: Milo C. Beach, Catherine Glynn, Jagdish Mittal, John Seyller & Andrew Topsfield. Testo in inglese. This catalogue of Rajasthani paintings features many unpublished works by the best-known artists working in different states of Rajasthan from the early 16th to the mid 19th century. Five leading scholars of Indian painting have joined forces to write detailed and eloquent analyses of these rare works, blending fresh insights into the varied themes and fundamental art historical developments of Rajasthani painting with new attributions to individual masters.Though these exquisite paintings are sure to delight, they are also crucial for the study of the Rajasthani art. 268 pp. HC. NUOVO

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