Mythology of Buddhism in Tibet and Mongolia


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Guide to the Lamaist Collection of Prince Ukhtomsky. Author: Albert Grunwedel. International Academy of Indian Culture and Aditya Prakashan, 2013. Translation of the German work Mythologie des Buddhismus in Tibet und der Mongolei by the great Buddhologist Albert Grunwedel (Leipzig, 1900). The book traces the development of the Buddhist pantheon in India, its dissemination to Tibet in the first period, Indian and Tibetan masters, and the conversion of the Mongols to the Gelugpa, who inherited the rich iconography of Lamaism. The major part is devoted to the iconics of the tutelary deities (yi.dam), Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, goddesses, dakinis, Dharmapalas and local deities. Detailed endnotes and index. 268 pg. HC. English Text.

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