Marvelous Sparks of the Brush


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Sottotitolo : Painting & Calligraphy, Books & Documents. Author / Editor: Wang Yao’ting, Feng Ming-chu (Editor-in-chief). National Palace Museum Taiwan. This catalogue will bring you into the new world of painting and calligraphy as well as books and documents on display at the Taipei Museum, offering a glimpse into the Museum’s treasure trove. It is a catalogue developed for the new galleries at the Museum following its renovations. It also offers a world of knowledge and appreciation in Chinese art and culture for further thought. After all, objects of old can present new insights for today, serving as a time tunnel between past and present that increases our knowledge while also beautifying our world. It is divided into two sections, one dealing with painting and calligraphy and the other with books and documents. 177 p. HC. NUOVO

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