A Clear Mirror of Tibetan Medicinal Plants


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This book has been compiled based on Dri-Med Shel-Phreng, a renowned work on Tibetan medical herbs authored by Deu-Mar Geshe Tenzin Phuntsok and other works in which the tastes, inherent qualities and digestive principles of the medicinal plants have been described in accordance with the Four Medical Tantras. In addition to these, the book has been supplemented with features of modern methodology employed and a general description of basic knowledge about identification of herbal plants, the time and seasons for plucking places where these may be found, and the process of drying, cleansing and the techniques of composing these as ingredients for the preparation of various medicines before their inherent qualities to cure disorders of different nature are dissolved. Also, the seven principles of preparing medicines have been explained here-in. The illustrations of each and every single medicinal plant, it shoud be emphasized here, is not just a representation of mere speculation and artistic beauty of the author but are a result of Doctor Dawa’s personal findings or tireless research carried out in the Himalayan regions such as in Lahaul, Spiti, Rothang, Nyung-ti, Solokhumbu, and the valley of the Flowers in the Garhwal Hills as well in the southern hills of Bylakuppe, Mysore and others. It is hoped that this book will become and indispensable manual for those who practice and study Tibetan Medicine. 320 pg. HC. Edited by Men Tsee Khang, Dharamsala, India. NUOVO


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