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The design and creation of quilts in India is a unique amalgamation of history, culture and environment. The desert city of Jaipur, poised against vivid shades of colour and the splendour of its palaces and forts, is possessed of a breathtaking array of traditional crafts and is the centre of quilting in India. The textile industry in Rajasthan has long inspired countless artists and designers to create exquisite products of both beauty and utility, and it is no surprise that Jaipuri razai (quilts) are acknowledged to be among the finest in the world, lauded for their beauty and amazing lightness, yet offering snug warmth against the cold of the desert night. This is the first book devoted exclusively to Jaipur quilts. The author has chosen the most important of the so-called Old Quilters in the city, whose ancestors were brought to Jaipur by the Maharaja about 250 years ago, and whose family lineage survives to this day. The finest of the newer modern quilters working in Jaipur are also represented. This book also offers a fascinating insight into the history and development of Jaipuri razai. 203 p. NEW

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