Bamboo, Wood, Ivory, Rhinoceros Horn Carvings Palace Museum Collection



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Volume 44 of The Palace Museum Collection in Pekin. This richly illustrated volume presents some of the most treasured decorative carvings housed in the Forbidden City: carvings of bamboo, wood, ivory, and rhinoceros horn. 60 bamboo carvings include figures carved with different techniques, concave carving, seal cutting and round carving, producing lively 3-dimensional sculptures. 39 wooden cases, boxes, and brush holders are carved with complicated scenes and patterns. 190 ivory and rhinoceros horns include items for ritual and blessings such as ritual vessels and figures. 30 inlaid wood with gems, including precious stones, pearls, coral, nephrite, jadeite, crystals, agate and ivory set in the surface of wood and lacquer.104 pp. text and 190 pp. with 212 plates and illustrations in colour. Main text in Chinese, caption for general description in English HC.NEW

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